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Best of the Best Hair Colors Eye Gazing Look Hair Styles 2017

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Fashion industry depends upon many pillars and one of the main pillars is hairstyle. Hairstyle industry is so vast that the user has a great variety of styles including the different color shades. There are many color options to be adopted to get a new look and most important to welcome the arrival of New Year 2017 hairstyles.

Woodsy Brown

If you always wanted to go dark this summer then it’s the right hair color you should try this summer. If you’ve dull hair then it’s the right hair color for your hair to remove all the dullness. It can make your hair look glossy and shiny.

Woodsy Brown Combination With Bronze Highlights Hair Style 2017

Really Bronze

If you had enough of your old hair color and want to make your hair game on point them it’s the right hair color for you this summer. This shimmering color can brighten up your face. And can light up your complexion. It is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown that can make your look cozy.

Succulent Tones

It’s safe to say that this hair color is everyone’s favorite nowadays and is must checkout. This is a multi toned look. This hair color is being recreated and reinterpreted with different degrees of insanity. Some opt are darker hues and other are just bright the key of this hair color is by piece to piece base up. Weave in purple and magenta hues at the end. It’s the perfect hair color for summer.

Succulent Tones Color Range Welcoming New Year 2017

Pumpkin Spice

Yes you have heard it right this hair color far more perfect then your favorite fall latte. In this hair color you have shades golden blond and chestnut and are painted over copper strands giving it multi dimensional look reminiscent of shimmery fall leaves in the sunlight. While ago this trend was trending but this trend is now backing with a bang and is trending this summer.

Pumpkin Spice Colors New Latest Trends Hair Styles Colors 2017

Warm Peach

Just in case you thought you seen all the colors? Think again. This juicy hair color is bringing back all the trends and will be rocking this summer this hair color has soft and vibrant orange hues that’s fits almost all the skin tones. This hair color is the perfect beach color that you should adore this summer to rock on the beach.

Smokey Lilly

If you’re fond of unnatural colors and want to look different then this hair color is the best for you this summer. This hair color has transitions from a deep grayish purple down to pale foggy lavender. The result will surprise and you will say wow what a hair color and perfectly suits your hair for the upcoming summer.

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