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Hairstyles and their impression on personality

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Hair styles are very much dependent upon your facial look your neck and mostly the size or length of your hairs. One should pay close attention to the above mentioned dependents while choosing hair style.

Most of the celebrities are choosing short hair styles in winter season. But you should be cleared that when you choose short hair styles than you cannot grow longer at the same time.

Retro curls:

From a very old Hollywood time the retro hair curl style is being used and admired at all times. To get in to retro curl style almost eighty five percent hairs should be dry, So that you can roll the hairs to get the curls and by doing this you can also boost the volume and thickness accordingly.

Retro curls

Braids with short hairs:

The specialty of braid style is being proved with the fact that this style has also been followed since 2000 years b.c. If this style is still found it means this style is very unique and vast moreover this hair style is very easy to make and there are thousand styles lying in the category of braid hair styles. There are some braids that are very much popular because of their special look such as dookie braids, fish bone braids, mermaid braid etc.

Beach babe hair style:

Beach babe style is specially designed to look according to your look in the bikini but now a day this hair style is also being followed in casual moments especially on the red carpet by different celebrities. It doesn’t depend upon the length of your hairs the basic purpose of the beach hair style is to show how someone wants her shoulder look alike. Its very easy to choose with the help of a straightened or curler.

Wavy updo hair style:

This hair style is followed by many red carpet actors to look very different and attractive. This hair style is normally used with the shorter hairs. This hair style is being adopted with the help of a suitable hair color. Shorter hairs look very prominent with a healthy face and big eyes.

Straight shag hair style:

With the help of lot of textures and loads of layers around the crown the straight shag hair style looks very good and attractive with rock n roll look. The beauty of shag style is that it is for all the hair textures and suitable to every length of hairs.


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