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Hot Hair Colors for Summer Season 2017

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A new year is upon us and here are few hairstyles ideas for you to update your hair style. You can boost up your look this summer by a bit hair color addition. With the start of summer you might like something brighter or lighter. You can apply this color shades as the summer arrives.

Blood red hair color:

Nowadays there are lots of red colors shades available in the market. Before choosing any shades consult your stylist whether the color suits you or goes with the season. Blood red is the color which works on darker skin tones and can apply this summer. The shades of blood red will work well with natural brunt hair color. You can get this shade by dying the entire hair or just getting highlights. This color is trending this summer.

Chestnut brown:

Chestnut brown sometimes looks as natural color and the shade is neutral. Many ladies who have brown hair may meet the natural shade of chestnut brown. The chestnut brown is an awesome color which works on many skin tones like olive and dark skin.

Ladies with fair hair color may not get the darker chestnut shade but can achieve lighter shade of it. The chestnut brown shade will boost up your complexion this summer and works on both light and darker eyes.

Creamy blonde:

This hair color is extremely beautiful and delicate with white shade of blonde that works well on darker skin tones. You can go for smoke and dark eye shade while having this hair color. Consult your stylist before applying this color. This color is applied from roots to top. You can carry straight, curls and waves along this hair color.

Flirty Hot Creamy Blonde Top Choice Hair Color 2017

Chocolate blonde hair color:

This hair color is darker in shade than caramel blonde. The chocolate blonde hair color can be applied with golden highlights which gives awesome and graceful look. The hair color works on women with skin tones that are not much fair. You can carry dark eye shades along this hair color. Don’t use platinum, white or lighter highlight with this hair color it may not give good result.

Chocolate Blonde Hair Color Classic Hairstyles 2017

Dip dyed:

Dip dye hair is trending all over the world. Most people love to go for dip dye instead of blonde or darker hair color. They may play with sharp and bright colors to change your whole look. One of the best things of dip dye is that you can get the color kit everywhere and apply it at home. In dip dye the bright color are applied on the edges of the hair.

The colors you can use are emerald green, shocking pink, blue on black, all out grey with green and so on. You will find huge range in dip dye.

Dip Dyed Hair Color Trends Hairstyles 2017

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