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Hottest Bob Hairstyles Top Trends 2017

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1.      Sleek Graduated Long Bob hairstyle for medium length hair

Women love the blunt blonde bob; it’s really one thing special which finishing some inches below the ear length with a beautiful line at the ends of the hair. In this hairstyle the locks are parted to the side and highlights are added which add stunning look to the ends of the hairstyle. If you like short hairstyles examine these fabulous short hairstyles for women.

Sleek Graduated Long Bob Hairstyle Medium Length 2017

2.      Graduated Bob with Side Fringe for Medium Length Hair

The graduated bob feature to the hairstyle collection. This is merely beautiful bob starts with a gorgeous aspect fringe that frames the face, which fall towards beautiful longer strands round the jaw level. In this hairstyle the hair gets shorter in an exceedingly graduated line towards the back of the head and which looks perfect that’s why adore this hairstyle more.

  1. Soft balayage wavy hairstyle

This beautiful bob is finished with jagged edges which make this beautiful rough textured look. Finish this hairstyle with some inches below the ear level and add some attractive golden blonde highlights throughout your natural hair. Fashionable and trendy women always adore this hairstyle because it gives stunning look.

Side Balayage Bob Short Hairstyles 2017

4.      Side Balayage Bob

In this hairstyle the bob falls some inches higher than the shoulders and is finished with the foremost stunning loose barrel curls throughout. This hairstyle will look more attractive and gorgeous when you will add golden brown color at the ends.

Soft Balayage Wavy Hairstyles Latest Trends 2017

5.      Bob with Tousled Layers for short hair

This short compact bob with Tousled Layers has win hearts of famous models and celebrities. Usually the famous models with short hair go for this hairstyle in which the front of the hair falls ever slightly longer round the jaw level and is shorter at the back.

6.      Sleek Long Bob hairstyle

This Sleek Long Bob hairstyle is beautiful in which the long bob finishes round the shoulder length, with the ends cut in an exceedingly blunt line. With a center parting this attractive bob falls in an exceedingly beautiful and sleek trendy style. You can also add warming shade of blonde in your hair which will simply make this entire hairstyle look awesome.

7.      Sweeping Straight Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair

This attractive bob is straight, sleek and very trendy. In this hairstyle the hair are falling round the neck level and finished with countless beautiful shorter layers round the front of the face and throughout the hair. For the better looking you can add gorgeous shade of ice blonde that will make your hairstyle look more classy and fashionable.

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