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Incredibly Stylish Pixie Haircut Ideas & Hair Color 2017-2018

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The pixie haircut is a prominent amongst the most appreciated and traditional hairdo. Working ladies dependably needs to carry short hair and look jazzy moreover. The pixie haircut is anything but not difficult to style and convey. It doesn’t require an excess of exertion. Shading and chose surface makes the hairdo looks more excellent.

Pastel Pixie Hairstyle 2017-2018

The pastel pixie is an astounding haircut which has the top area longer than the sides and back. You can lift up the length at the top or side part it.

Short Coolest Hair Trends Pastel Pixie Hairstyles 2017-2018

Step by step instructions to accomplish the Style:

Start with brushing wet hair in forward heading. Apply a styling item.

Blow dry utilizing a styling brush.

Create side part and lift the tips of the hair.

Apply a holding shower.

Additional information

Ladies with round, square and heart face structure can receive this hairdo for better look. Thick and medium hair in density functions admirably with the haircut.

Jagged Edge Short Pixie

The rugged edge is full with fun and satisfaction. The haircut is easy to style and carry. The hair is sharp at the closures on the crown part and soft along the edges.

Most Beautiful Short Hair Jagged Edge Pixie Hairstyles 2017-2018

The most effective method to accomplish the Style:

Begin with towel dry hair. Apply a styling item on it.

Blow dry utilizing a styling brush or fingertips.

Apply a styling gel or wax and lift the tips.

Additional information:

The hairdo is suitable on ladies with round, oval and square face structure. Hair that is straight rocks with the hairdo. To get volume lift up the tips by help of wax or gel.

Angled Beauty Hairstyle 2017-2018

The angled beauty gives delicate and smooth look. The pixie contains thick bangs which add more attraction to the hairstyle and helps in face framing.

Super Cool Pixie Eye Gazing Hair Trends 2017-2018

Step by step instructions:

Start with brushing towel dry hair.

Blow dry and make a side part.

Make some backcombing at the crown area.

To Keep the blast territory somewhat and smooth, run a level iron on it.

Apply a holding splash.

Additional information

The pixie hairdo is ideal for heart face structure. Those with larger forehead look great with this hairdo. Thin to medium hair works with the hairdo.

Tempting Tresses Short Hair Trends

The hairstyle has layers around the face and a sharp straight cut bangs helps in getting stunning and amazing look.

The most effective method to accomplish the Style:

Start with applying a hair mousse on damp hair.

Blow dry utilizing a styling brush.

Apply a styling gel and brush the hair forward.

Make some backcombing at the crown region to get more volume.

Run a level iron on the lengths.

The back is kept straightforward as it is short than the front.

Apply a holding splash toward the end.

Additional information:

The hairdo suits on ladies with heart and square face structure. Medium to thick hair works on the style. Working ladies can wear this hairdo at work and causal.

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