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Layered Short Hairstyle Ideas 2018 Spring

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It is difficult to style fine hair as it has less volume and always straight. Layer is one of the best ways to add volume to fine hair. This bob has the layers starting from the sides and end at the neck. To have a textured look use round brush and hair spray. To show off the layers, you can also apply a highlighter at the lengths and keep the roots darker.

Stacked Short Haircut
These days having enough time for styling is quite difficult and having a short hair is the best way to manage your look. This is an amazing bob that is shorter at the back while a bit longer at the front. At the back the hair is not equal trimmed. One can add loose curls on this hairstyle to make it look more gorgeous. Divide your hair from the side and apply holding spray to hold the curls.

Champagne Blonde Bob
This year cool-toned blonde shades are trendy as they are edgy and soft. The bob is darker at the roots while lighter or blonde at the lengths. Side part always looks great on it. It works on people with light skin tones. It is very easy to style and carry so working women prefer to wear this hairstyle.

Brown Bob with Baby lights
Those who want a polished look and don’t have enough time can go for this bob. The bob has a face framing layers which make you look more beautiful. Make some back combing at the back to have some volume. Adding shades of caramel and red on this bob will never result in wrong.

Brown Bob with Baby-lights

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