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Low – High Stacked Bob Hairstyles Ideas 2018

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The Low Stack:
The low stack bob is an amazing hairstyle that has a low commencement with a sloping edge. The bob has a slightly and fine bang which makes the hairstyle look more amazing.

How to achieve the Style:
Apply hairstyling cream on wet hair.
Use a blow dryer along with a round brush.
Divide the hair from one side and keep the bang thin bangs to one side.
Apply a holding spray to keep the bangs to one side.
The hairstyle works for women wit square, oval, heart and round face structure. Medium to thick hair works well on this hairstyle.

The High Stack:
The high stack is full volume hair at the back of the head. Back coming helps in getting more volume. Different shades can be used to make the hairstyle look more beautiful.
How to achieve the Style:
Apply a hair styling spray on wet hair.
Dry out using a round brush.
Teaser brush should be used to style the hair. To remove teaser from the edges use holding spray.

High Stacked Full Volume Hair

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