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Must Check Out Hottest Men Hairstyles 2017

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Nowadays boys are seen following their favorite personalities from hairstyle to dressing. Boys don’t need too much styling product to get pampered.Here are few hairstyles which will help you get the best hairstyle.

Stenciled Stanley:

This hairstyle is one of the most styled hairstyle among boys nowadays. As boys loves playing with their look the stenciled Stanley is same so. In this hairstyle the hair has a edges outline just at the temple area. A razor cut line drawn under that outline, one more line below and just above the ear you can add any shape.

To get the hairstyle you need an expert stylist which can draw those lines perfectly and to maintain that line you need you visit the stylist regularly.

This hairstyle is perfect for boys with darker hair shade. All face structure will look awesome with this hairstyle.

Faux hawk frankly:

Boys always look handsome with short hair and styling a short hair is simple. Faux hawk frankly hairstyle is one of the coolest hairstyle among boys. This hairstyle is simple and effortless. The hair is longer in length at the top section and temple and sides’ short. You can lift up the hair at the center or comb it at one side and lift up with styling product to hold it.

Boys with all face structure can get this hairstyle. Hair that is straight will get the perfect strand in this hairstyle.

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Flipped out Forrest:

Boys have got new hairstyle this year and that is a bit longer in length, waves and beach. The flipped out Forrest has full volume bangs flipped to one side and ears hidden under the hair.

The style can be achieved by combing hair toward the side sweeping fringe. Keep the hair away from your eyes and hide your ears underneath. Apply a light holding hair spray to maintain the style.

Oval and longer face structures are perfect for this hairstyle. The hairdo look good on medium to thick hair.

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Slick Samuel:

The slick Samuel is the hairdo for those boys who love to carry longer hair but easy to manage. This hairstyle is longer in length but still simple to style. The hair in the back gets narrower while the hair is still longer and the eyes grazed under the bangs.

To achieve the hair style blow dry the hair and use fingers to set the bangs slightly to a preferred side. To add textures to hair use a styling product through the front.

The hairstyle works on longer face structure. Straight hair looks perfect with this style. Boys with larger forehead can adopt this hairstyle for good looks.

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Must Check Out Hottest Men Hairstyles 2017, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings