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Prodigious Short Hairstyles Color Styles Summer 2017

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If you want to do a makeover of your hairstyle then it’s the best time for you to change your hairstyle for the upcoming summer. The humid weather and temperatures maintaining a steady high the very first we need to do is to maintain our hairstyle for the hot weather. There is no chance for a bad hair day in the summer. Whatever is you hair color length cut or texture there’s always a perfect hairstyle for you. Hot summer days are coming and are right around the corner

It’s time for you to change your usual hairstyle. Short hairstyles are always the best option for the burning days of summer. Short hairstyles are not only cool but also very easy to maintain and create. Short hairstyles are both time saving and money saving hairstyle. The following are the best short hairstyles for this summer that will help you look cool and luscious for the summers 2017.

Sleek Graduated Bob

This bob never goes out because of its versatility. You can evaluate the chic low maintenance look by this short hairstyle. If you to try this hairstyle make sure that your front is a bit longer than your back an inch or two. This hairstyle will help you rock the summers.

Sleek Graduated Bob Variation Colored Hairstyle 2017

The Punk Pixie

This boyish hairstyle is also one of the trendy hairstyle for the summer 2017.If you want to attain this look you have to leave your hair longer on the top instead of your sides. To style you to sweep the front a bit up with some touchable hair hold spray and gently tease the roots and then brush the sides flat down. It’s one of the easy to maintain look that is going to help you glow up this summer.

The New Shag

This hairstyle is trending now for a few years but it will be trending this year as well. Tons of volume side swept bangs choppy ends what not to love about this hairstyle. This is one of the funky hairstyles you can try for the summers 2017

The New Shag Colored Curled Slight Change Hairstyle 2017

The Layer Bob

If you get this hairstyle for the summers you will see that this hairstyle has few subtle layers snipped into the bob. You can try it straight or few soft waves you can add to it that can help you look magical and magnificent for the summer 2017

Layer Bob Shoulder Length Hairstyle Summer 2017

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