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Rusty Copper Color Ideas for Spring 2018 Hairstyles

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Below-the-Ears Ombre
The color blending techniques is not going anywhere. Through ombre shades are blending from darker to lighter to get softer and smoother look. In this hairstyle, the roots are kept darker are adding shades of brown when it gets at the level of ear it gets lighter. This hair color is used for face framing and getting more attraction.Ombre works well on brunettes and darker skin tones.

Rusty Copper
Try some reddish and copper hues this year to change your look. Those who have natural curls should go for burnished red hue and rusty copper. Adding colors helps in getting more dimensions. The roots are darker or brown while highlights of copper hues make the hair more beautiful.

Root Beer
Root beer is a combination of rich brown and red or auburn highlights. The hair color was carried by Olivia Munn and Selena Gomez. The darker brown base with red highlight looks amazing and will rock throughout the year. The hair color is suitable for all skin tones.

Cream Soda
The cream soda is a blonde shade which is ideal for winter season. Shades of icy platinum and golden blond are combined to get a unique color. The hair color is pretended to last throughout the year. This versatile hair color is blonde and suits on fair and lighter skin tone.

Cream Soda Hair Color Ideas 2018

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