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Smoking Hot Platinum Blonde Hairstyles Shades 2017-2018

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Hot platinum blonde hair color is one of the most trending shades this year. This color is more suitable for blondes. If you have decides to get your hair colored, consult your stylist and choose the color keep in mind your skin tone and hair type. You need some conditioning and care after getting the color to maintain the color.

You can care this shade on short, medium and long hair with curls, large waves and straight hair. You can get the shade on entire hair which does not require much care and maintenance s as highlight.

Zero-elevation Bob Hairstyles

This zero-elevation soft edged bob is quite simple with a straight short length cut. Center and side part looks perfect with this hairstyle.

The hairstyle can be carried on any hair type with whiter skin tones. To maintain the blonde shades don’t shampoo regular and try to keep the hair moist.

Pearly Platinum Blonde Hair Trends

This hair color is perfect for those who loves white blonde but don’t want that icy white hues. The shade you will get is pearly platinum blonde which is darker at the base than goes softer and a bit dark at the mid and soft on the lengths.

This hair shade can get better on lighter natural hair and skin tones which are fair and cooler will get the perfect shade. Hair that is fine and straight rocks receive the perfect color.To get the perfect shade you need to visit the salon three to four times. So take care of the hair during period.

Top 15 Trends Platinum Blonde Hair Color Shades 2017-2018

Blocked Out Blonde Trends

In this hairstyle the hair has an asymmetrical cut which has blonde shade at the front section which full brunette at the back. The section is blended with a medium blonde and a darker shade.

Those who have fine and naturally light hair can get the perfect shade. Hair skin tone will look more elegant. You may need four to five appointments to your stylist to achieve the desired shade. Maintenance is very importance to carry the color for longer periods.

Mod Rock Mop Hairstyles

The mod rock mop bob is short at the back and longer at the crown and front. The platinum blonde looks perfect on this bob and is perfect combination for any evening events.

Pinkish skin tone is suitable for the smoking hot platinum. The hair that is naturally lighter can get the perfect blonde.

Blonde to Brown Highlights & Root Shades Hairstyles Ideas 2017-2018

Blonde Candy Floss Styles

The blonde candy floss is the sweetest and amazing in all perspective. Consult your stylist before choosing the shade and applying the color. The hair color can be achieved after four to five appointments to the salon.

Yellow undertone or olive greenish complexion is perfect for this shade. Short hair that is naturally lighter will achieve the desired shade.

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