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Spring Brown White Blonde Ombre Hairstyles Ideas 2018

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Bob is the trendiest hairstyle in 2018. Bob is the most loved hairstyle but ladies and adding colors to it makes it more attractive and stylish.

The bob is colored brown at the roots and goes blonde at the shoulders. If you are bored of carrying straight hair, you can also add loose curls to get more attraction.

White Blonde Straight Locks
This is a simple and effortless hairstyle which does not require much time to get ready. The hair is cut at the level of shoulders with sharp edges which help in providing texture. To get the hairstyle, one needs to prep wet hair with styling cream and run a flat iron on the hair.  The hairstyle looks awesome with blonde shades from roots to edges.

Bob Hair with Loose Curls

At the start of 2018 this bob as seen everywhere, the bob is shorter at the back while goes longer at the front. Keeping it simple and straight make the bob more stylish. To get the hairstyle, prep damp hair with hair mousse. Heat up a flat iron and run through the lengths. You can also add loose curls at the front; it would work for evening parties and events. As it is longer at the face, it is ideal for face framing. Add shades of red toned brown to the hair to make it look more stylish and beautiful.

Bob Hair with Loose Curls Hairstyles 2018

Another way to make the hairstyle more attractive is by keeping the roots darker and adding lighter shades on the edges.

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