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Super Long Bob Hairstyles Perfect Look 2017-2018

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The classic long bob can be taken to another level by adding asymmetric, deep parts, curls, layers, waves and so on. Long bob are one of the easiest hairstyle for women, which can be carried for all kind of events.

Smooth Bob Hairstyle

The smooth bob is the simplest hairdo that is easy and effortless to get styled. This hairstyle is perfect for working women who don’t get too much time to get styled.

The hairstyle is achieved in few simple steps. Use a straightening cream or spray on wet hair. Blow dry hair with help of flat brush. Create a deep side part and apply a shining spray.

The smooth bob is perfect for ladies with oval, round, and diamond face shape. Hair that is medium to thick and straight is easy to get styled.

Wavy Bob Hair Cut 2017-2018

The waves bob has no Sharpe edges and is lifted by layers and waves. You can add blonde hair color to boost up the look.

To get a wavy bob start with drying hair with blow dry and using a styling product. Add curls to hair using a curling iron on medium heat. To get the curls open run your fingers across it. You can use a holding spray at the end.

Women with oval, square and heart face structure can adopt this hairstyle. Fine hair works on this hairstyle.

Short Wavy Bob With Layered Dark Brown Hairstyles 2017-2018

Multidimensional Lob Hairstyle Trends

Highlights and low lights are given to this classic bob to get multi dimension. This hairstyle is quiet simple and stylish.

You need to follow these few steps to get the multi dimensional lob.

Apply a hair mousse on wet hair and brush hair. Blow dry hair using a round brush. Create a side part and run a round brush at the edges of the hair. Apply a holding spray id needed.

This hairstyle looks stylish on heart and diamond face shape. Straight hair whether thin or thick all works well with this hairstyle.

Multidimensional Shoulder Length Gorgeous Hairstyles 2017-2018

Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle 2017-2018

This asymmetric hairstyle is perfect for working women which is full of fun and kind of flirty too. The bob hasn’t got too much edge in this style. A bit longer at the front while short at the back this long bob rocks everywhere.

The hairstyle is simple to achieved, first apply a straightening product to wet hair. Blow dry using around brush. Heat up a straightening iron and run on hair. Use a round brush at the edges to give it a soft look. Apply a holding cream at the end.

The asymmetric bob is perfect hairstyle for oval and diamond face shape. Medium to thick hair get the better style. Natural straight hair also works well on long bob.

Asymmetric Short Bob Hair Cut New Collection 2017-2018

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Super Long Bob Hairstyles Perfect Look 2017-2018, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating