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Top Hair Color Ideas for Short Hairstyles 2017

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Are you bored of carrying simple short hair? Here are few hairstyles ideas for getting more stylish look by adding colors to short hair. Adding colors to hair is trending among young and working women all around the globe. There are never ending options for getting hair colored this year. Teenage girls can add more bright and light color while working women can add lighter, blonde and darker colors to short hair and make their look more attractive.

  1. Beachy Crop

Beachy blonde can be made more attractive by adding low lights to the beachy waves. It helps in getting texture and intensity. Women with bronzed skin tune can go for this hairstyle. Those who have light brown hair can get the perfect color.

Beachy Crop Short Hairs Best Bob Hairstyle Collection 2017

  1. Crimson Copper

Ladies who carry green pink and oranges color good can go for this hairstyle. Adding the bright red and copper or reddish and brownish color on hair will boost up your look. Those who have never gone for hair color can get the better color.

Crimson Copper Teenage Hair Color Ideas 2017

  1. Pixie Perfection

Pixie hair is always fun and easy to carry. By adding bright blonde color to pixie you can get more awesome look this year.

Women with fair skin tones will rocks with this bright blonde. The bright blonde will works well on naturally light blonde hair.

  1. A Touch of Sunset

This color is a sunset inspired which contain different shades of orange. To get more colorful look this summer add this hair color. Women with light to medium skin nature can rock with this hairstyle. Straight hairs always work better by showing off the better shades.

Pixi Feminine Short Hairstyles Best Choice Hairstyles 2017

  1. Mahogany Crop

This hairstyle has shorter bangs at the front while longer hair around the ear. Adding mahogany color to the longer front side cut and shorter front and back makes the hairstyle more attractive and fun.

Women with dark skin nature can go for this hair color. Natural light brown hair will help get better color.

  1. Purple Passion

Have you thought of getting unique look this year? Women with short hair can get this unique look by adding purple shades on layers. To get the color first you need to get waves hair, color purple shades on different layers to lighten up your look and style.

Ladies with light and medium skin nature have those who have light and brownish hair can get this hair color perfect.

Before going through this color consult your hairstylist. You may make a fashion blunt by adding wrong color. Use shampoo and conditioner to get the hair shine and right texture. Add color by keeping in view your skin tones.

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